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Продам Jema Forte " If you you' re not the one" , роман на английском

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    " Книга англійською мовою(б/у), умови доставки: 1) самовивіз Київ 2) Нова Пошта 100% передоплата за товар+ доставку 3)Укрпотою не відправляю. По всім питанням-пишіть Jennifer Wright has a seemingly perfect life a husband, two kids, a lovely house. She also isn’t entirely sure if she’s happy. Frustrated with her lack of career and a husband who barely seems to notice her, she can’t help but wonder, is this it?
    At 38 she’s hurtling toward middle age and a mid- life crisis. And she starts to think what her life would be like had she made different choices along the way…
    Would she be happier if she d stayed with sexy, carefree, unconventional Aidan? Or fabulously wealthy Tim? Would she be living happily ever after with sweet, kind, harmless Steve? Jennifer’s about to find out. After a terrible row with her husband she has a life threatening accident, and, whilst unconscious, is given the gift of seeing what would have happened if she’d stayed with each of these men from her past. And then Jennifer’s left with the biggest decision of all…"

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