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Продам Patricia Scanlan " Divided Loyalties" , роман на английском

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  • patricia-scanlan-quot-divided-loyalties-quot-roman-na-angliyskom-id551754.html Image974609
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Книга англійською мовою(б/у), умови доставки: 1) самовивіз Київ 2) Нова Пошта 100% передоплата за товар+ доставку 3)Укрпотою не відправляю. По всім питанням-пишіть Shauna and Greg s marriage is under pressure. She wants another baby. He doesn t. She also has to endure her obnoxious in-laws, The Freeloaders , Della, Eddie and their spoilt kids. They arrive at her home at the drop of a hat, stay as long as they like, and eat and drink all around them without lifting a finger to help. Shauna s glad to be moving abroad - she ll be free of them at long last. But three thousand miles won t stop the determined Della. Free holidays in an exotic location. Perfect! arrie, Shauna s sister, can t help feeling put upon. The burden of looking after their elderly, hypochondriac father rests on her and she s fed up of it. Is it too much to ask that the burden be shared? Resentment builds, even though she loves her siblings, Can Carrie put her foot down and stand up for herself? obby, the youngest, has a poisoned relationship with his father who blames him for the premature death of his wife. A bitter confrontation leaves them estranged. Can they ever settle their differences? Or are some rifts just to painful to resolve? oel feels that Twiskers his little cat is the only one who loves him. His daughters, especially Shauna make him feel like a nuisance.

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